Season Passes 2020-21

Sunday 20th of September 2020

Normally around this time of year supporters can expect the club to launch its latest season ticket campaign with slick footage of The Dransfield, fans celebrating and specially crafted hashtags for social media. This, however, is no normal year. Not for football, not for the world as a whole. 

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where a global pandemic is affecting everyone’s lives. A knock-on effect is the suspension of domestic football, leading to speculation and uncertainty. As we all know; details on how or when next season will start have yet to be agreed. One thing we do know, however, is that once again the club needs your support.

Despite the total lack of clarity surrounding football a number of you have expressed the wish to support the club by buying your season tickets and so in response we have decided to put season passes for the 2020/21 campaign on sale from today.

We are doing this while fully recognising that in these uncertain times many supporters will have a big decision to make in terms of not just how, but indeed whether, they can continue to support their team next season. In pro leagues, broadcast income provides the main source of revenue for clubs. In non-league, however, ticket sales are and likely always will be one of the largest sources of income for our clubs. We all rely heavily on season ticket purchases to balance the books.

So the big challenge facing us now, is how can we try to balance the club’s need for season ticket income with the uncertainties facing our supporters?

To try to find some balance, we have looked at pricing and at how we can make it as easy as possible for our supporters to help us. See our Season Pass Flyer and Application form which you can download here.

Season Pass Guarantee

Our ‘Season Pass Guarantee’ will ensure supporters get the full value of their 2020/21 season pass regardless of how next season shapes up. To be absolutely clear, the club is making a very simple pledge to supporters who buy their season pass for 20/21: no-one will lose out.

A 20/21 season pass guarantees you 19 league matches at The Dransfield, regardless of the duration of the campaign. If season 20/21 cannot offer supporters access to a full complement of 19 home games then fans who renew their season pass for the following season will be credited with the value of the outstanding number of matches for season 21/22. Those who chose not to renew their season pass will be offered the relevant number of match tickets for season 21/22. In short, the club is committed to ensuring that no supporter will be left disadvantaged as a result of buying a pass for the 20/21 season.

Free Instalment Facility available

We recognise too that many of our supporters would benefit from the availability of a scheme to spread the cost of their pass over three months and importantly, free of interest or service charges. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the scheme need simply contact us via the following email for details:

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